Euro Star Philosophy

“European players are just way more skillful”-Kobe Bryant 

Check out our video to see what its like to be a Euro Star Camper!

Teaching children the fundamentals of basketball is instrumental in overall player development.

The fundamentals of basketball have been, somewhat, overshadowed by the flashy athletic athletes seen on tv and key teaching points are being left out in basketball camps throughout America. EuroStar focuses on exceptional instruction at the center of each drill and teaching lesson, with professional international coaches and players leading the way.

Aaron’s passion for kids and basketball has stuck with him since a very young age. Aaron currently works as a Mental Health Counselor at the Children’s Hospital where he works with kids ages 4-17, and on weekends he coaches his son’s basketball team. With over 15 years of coaching experience, Aaron is dedicated to making a change in children’s lives through the sport of basketball.



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